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For a few years you’ve been able to download and listen to MP3 audio tracks that take you through a running or gym session. Now, with the increasing development of applications for the iPhone there are a whole lot more ‘wow’ tools for athletes and coaches to help you plan, carry out and record sessions. Here are the main players.

PumpOne.com has hundreds of workouts, including exercises for strength training, weight loss, flexibility and endurance that you can download to your iPhone or iPod. There are plenty of sample videos on the site which give you a feel for the product. Once downloaded, press play on device and the video will guide you in a series of exercises. You watch, then pause and do it yourself. There’s no sport-specific workouts, but if you’re fairly new to formalized training you may well value the opportunity to be lead through hotel room, core strength, swiss ball, pilates or yoga routines.

iTrain.com has over 200 workouts in their library by personal trainers plus Olympic swimming Champion Natalie Coughlin. Each of the categories of cycle, treadmill, climber, boxing, swimming, stretching, sculpting and cardio has a long sample you can download and try yourself. Tracks are in MP3 format and run from 20-60 mins. There’s no video, so you have to use your imagination a little more than with PumpOne.

RunKeeper.com allows you to track your runs and map and view your progress in your running history. The App uses the built-in GPS in the 3G iPhone to track your performance. You’d wear your iPhone on your arm and you can cycle, or dance or whatever with it. There’s no mapping, per se, on the phone, but you can send your data to the website to save and map it there.

iFitness is available through the iTunes App Store for just $2.49 and has over 110 fully illustrated exercises with accompanying text. You can make a list of favorite exercise to create your own custom routine. You can use preset routines that their experts have made for reaching different goals. The exercises, illustrated with written descriptions are organized by the muscles they target.

iMapMyRun and iMapMyRide are powered by the popular site MapMyRun.com and, clearly, uses the iPhone’s GPS to track your outdoor activities. You can record distance, speed, pace, etc. and load the data back to their website or view it on Google Maps. With Google having just released the iPhone version of Google Maps, expect the application to be upgraded to allow you to view your run overlayed on google maps on the iPhone. However , at this stage you can’t change your tunes and run the App. Arrg!

TrailGuru is another iPhone App and does much the same thing as iMapMyRun, only better, according to users. You can also post your activity to the www.trailguru.com site and boast about your endurance. The developer updates the App often. It’s free too.

GymGoal Lite on the iPhone is another App available through the iTunes Store that provides prompting for your weigh training, but, significantly, also allows you to record what you’ve done - reps, sets and weight. You can also create a custom routine in which it’s real easy to add, delete or re-order exercises. There’s an inbuilt list of 210 illustrated exercises and you can add your own. Just don’t sweat too much on the phone. GymGoal Lite is $5.99.

iWorkOut , for your $2.99, gets you a pretty slick App featuring 100+ exercise videos narrated by a certified fitness and exercise expert. You can sample the videos on YouTube and you’ll see they focus on technique, which is good if you need help in this area. However, for regular athletes, it lacks the session recording functionality of GymGoal Lite.

Fit Phone is just a little more pricey at $5.99, but the developers boast about its recording and reporting ability, which are of most use to regular athletes. You can set your own workouts, add new exercises, enter actual weights lifted, and even email the data to your coach. Worth a look.

The summary: If you want something that tells you what to do, review PumpOne.com ; if you want something that will help you keep track of your gym workouts, check out GymGoal Lite or Fit Phone .

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