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crackersports CrackerSports.com is a new online service to accelerate skills learning and development in sport. Currently in beta using the sport of Sailing as a test subject, CrackerSports boasts these features:

  • An online library of filtered and high quality resources providing a one stop point for all skills learning and development resources – including video, audio, text and interactive resources. Think about YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and others as being channels and CrackerSports as a guide to the really good stuff on those channels.
  • A personal home page and social platform enabling users to save favourites, connect with others in the learning community, share resources and much more.
  • A unique skills profiling and comparison tool enabling athletes, coaches and officials to assess skills, prioritise learning and connect with targeted resources.

If your a sailor looking to improve your skills, you’re most welcome to have a look around (registration is free) and go ahead and create your performance profile using the CrackerGuide. There’s some instruction videos at YouTube.com/user/CrackerSports . You can let us know what you think via the comments box below or the email address at the bottom of this page.

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