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Skins compression top Compression Garments are mainly promoted as a tool to enhance recovery. But what can they do for you during competition?

After consultation with staff at the Australian Institute of Sport, we concluded that compression garments could help with performance by:

  • Helping to keep the athlete warm
  • Decreasing muscle vibration
  • Maybe increasing blood flow (vascular return)

In short, compression tops or tights are unlikely to harm performance unless they make you too hot.

Personally, I’ve competed while wearing compression tops many times - I’ve used the slightly thicker Skins Snow top when it’s been cold as well as a regular long sleve top when it’s been warmer and thought both were great.

PS - Just found a great site for compression gear called Compress Yourself . They offer free worldwide delivery, recommendations for many brands and help with selection.

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Popa Eugen March 12, 2010

Honestly, i do a little bodybuilding and i can’t stand tight tops, it’s bad for the blood flowing and it is really uncomfortabe.Plus it kind of uses a lot of nerves in the sense that your brain is busy because your nerves in the upper half of your body are all sending electrical signals to it.And this takes away from your power of concentration thus less efficiency in whatever you are doing.

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